GOGO Margaret is tired of suffering and she wants her ancestors to take her


GOGO Margaret is pleading with her ancestors to take her because she can’t stand the suffering any longer.

Margaret Nkabinde from M section, Umlazi, lives in a run-down house that has broken windows and doors.

Her power distribution board was stolen many years ago while she was sleeping, so she uses candles and cooks on an open fire.

The gogo, who can’t remember her age, said that in February a thug came into her house and stole her ID.

She said she couldn’t get grant money without her ID and her four sons work in other provinces.


When the SunTeam visited Margaret, she was kneeling on the floor, picking up samp which she was going to cook later.

“I can’t live like this any longer; I’m old. My ancestors must take me to be with them,” said Margaret.

Neighbours said they were worried that Margaret might accidentally set the house on fire.

“I sometimes check on her to make sure she doesn’t sleep with the candle burning,” said neighbour Ntombizodwa Mabaso (49).

Councillor Bhekizizwe Mngwengwe said: “When I took over, I was told Margaret didn’t want her house to be renewed.”

He was aware her ID was stolen.

I went to the social workers, who are dealing with it,” he said

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